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About Top Craft Market®

At Top Craft Market® our mission is twofold.


First, we provide a means for people looking for skilled workers for certain jobs that they may not otherwise be able to find on their own. We have built a rating system in which the people hiring rate the craftsmen they choose to work with. As our craftsmen stay in the system, they have the opportunity to move up to the highest levels based on their quality of work and employer ratings. Employers can then feel comfortable and confident that they are hiring qualified people for the work without having to hire a contractor or pay a company large fees for the job.


The second, and equally important, part of our mission is to provide an avenue through which skilled workers can find work, apply their skills and expertise, and get paid a fair wage for work they do without having to go to work for someone else. Our craftsmen can set their own hours and pick the jobs they want. The work they find here can be a side job or their main source of work and income. Utilizing this platform connects craftsmen with employers in their area, ensuring they will be able to get as much work as they want. If craftsmen prefer not to work for someone else, this is a great place to be. The skills and quality of work are what determines how well a craftsman does in their particular field.

More about How it Works

TCM does not charge any fees to employers using the website to search for and find skilled auto workers. The small membership fee we charge to the workers allows for access to all sorts of relevant jobs in their field and their area. We do not take any portion of the proceeds from the job nor do we set the price for the job or the work performed.

Skilled auto workers can bid on jobs posted by employers and can list their hourly rate in their craftsman profile. Craftsmen are free to continue to get as many jobs through the website as they want as long as they continue to maintain their Top Craft Marketâ„¢ membership.

In the past, the only way to hire an individual for a particular auto repair or custom job was either by word of mouth or by looking up a larger company and hiring them to provide that service. Through TCM customers can now find those individuals easily and in one place by either posting their jobs on the TCM website or by searching for a member craftsman listed on the website.