Custom Dress your Car’s Interior

There are several reasons for changing the look of your car with a custom interior job. Are you feeling like improving the aesthetics of your car..

best cars to restore

10 best cars to restore 2020

Best is a subjective term. To some, it can mean the cheapest or easiest. To others, the most iconic. We'll try to include a little bit for everyb..

what is an engine rebuild

What is an engine rebuild? -simplified

Many people have had their engines suffer catastrophic failure. On those occasions, your only choices are either to replace your car, replace you..

boat cleaning prices

What are the average boat cleaning prices?

Getting your boat back to pristine condition is a rewarding experience. For the best results, you can hire a professional boat cleaning service. ..

automotive body repair

8 tools needed for automotive body repair

Working on automotive body repair is a good way of starting your own business and being your own boss. However, in order to do that, you need to ..

custom car body shop

How to Choose a Great Custom Car Body Shop

You need to choose a custom car body shop. The reason is that you have decided that your car deserves to have, not just a better look, but an extraor..

custom car interior shops

How to Choose Custom Car Interior Shops

You want to choose custom car interior shops, but you are not sure of how to go about doing it. A custom interior job changes the aesthetics of your ..

auto body repair at your home

Tips for Auto Body Repair at Your Home

You decided that your vehicle needs an auto body repair at your home because it has some dents and scratches. This article gives you some essential t..

custom car paint job ideas

Six Custom Car Paint Job Ideas

Here we give you six custom car paint job ideas so that you can choose the one that will make your car jump out of the OEM color pack. When you see a..

types of car restoration

Know the Types of Car Restoration

You should know the types of car restoration before you begin this kind of project. Surely you are longing for a classic car, and when you look at th..

Boat detailing products

Get These Boat Detailing Products for a Great Job

What boat detailing products should I use? Every boat’s owner asks that question, now and then. Boats are a great way to spend our leisure time. Th..

clean boat's interiors

How to clean your boat’s interiors

While we have discussed the importance of cleaning your boat's exterior, but cleaning the interiors is just as important. And while you can get away ..

custom interior

A Custom Sound System Boosts your Car’s Interior

You want a custom interior for your car, and everything looks fine except the sound. Therefore, you want to upgrade the sound system. Either if y..

boat detailing

A B C of Boat Detailing

Why is boat detailing so important? Boats are a great way to spend our leisure time. Because they allow us to have fun, to share with friends, an..

Studebaker 39

Studebaker ’39 the kit car hot rod

The Studebaker '39 body kit is one of the cheapest ways to own a street-legal hot rod without sacrificing safety or comfort. It uses a Chevrolet ..

fuel injector cleaning

Fuel injector cleaning price and how often should you do it

Many people haven't even heard about fuel injector cleaning, yet performing one regularly can greatly increase your car's performance and mileage..

Custom Motorcycle Shops Near Me – Paint Price

Of all Custom Motorcycle Shops Near Me... ...Which One Would Treat my Bike and Me Fairly? You wonder, "of all custom motorcycle shops nea..

custom motorcycle handlebars

Reasons to get custom motorcycle handlebars

Getting custom motorcycle handlebars installed on your ride can significantly change the experience. There are many good reasons to trade your OE..

custom motorcycle handlebars

Types of custom motorcycle handlebars

Handlebars on a motorcycle are the most crucial part when it comes to rider comfort. Custom motorcycle handlebars can save you a lot of pain by e..

windshield replacement

Windshield replacement cost

Driving with a cracked or damaged windshield is dangerous and irresponsible. You could get a fine for driving with even the smallest crack. The f..

motorcycle restoration

Motorcycle restoration, is it for you?

There are two main reasons to start a motorcycle restoration project, you either love motorcycles, or you love bringing things back to life. Both..

car restoration

6 cardinal sins of car restoration

You've decided you want to take on a car restoration project. Maybe you've found the deal of a lifetime on a Chevelle that's just like the one yo..

classic car restoration

Why you should join a club before starting a classic car restoration

We see it time and time again, people too afraid to ask for help and learn from others have to work twice as hard for no good reason. Before star..

Boat detailing service, how much should it cost?

Getting your boat to look like it just rolled off the assembly line can be a rewarding experience. Hiring a professional boat detailing service c..

Wrap vs Paint. What is the Ideal Wrap for my Car?

You want to give a new look to your car, and want to dig deeper into the dilemma, wrap vs. paint. So, you want to know what is the adequate wrap for ..

custom body shop

Traits of a Great Custom Body Shop

A great custom body shop has traits that are a measure of their capacity to guarantee the top-quality work that your vehicle needs. Because not any c..

balance tires

Tire balancing, why it’s important to balance tires after mounting them

Nobody should skip this crucial step when mounting new tires. It is essential to balance your tires after mounting them to avoid a myriad of prob..

custom body shops

Custom Body Shops, What Do They Do

Custom body shops are part of the Independent Repair Shop segment of the Body Shop Business Industry. Since custom body shops do repairs, and colli..

wrap vs paint

Wrap vs Paint. Find the Perfect Wrapping Shop

You understand the technology behind the car wrapping business because we showed it to you in the first article of these series. For this reason, yo..

boat trailer

Boat trailer, should you buy or build your own?

There is something very rewarding about building something with your own hands. If you have the tools and the equipment to build your own trailer..

Custom Auto Paint Shop

Price of a Custom Auto Paint Job

How Much Would It Cost to Paint My Car? Every car owner pictures himself asking that question to a custom auto paint shop manager at a given ..

custom body shop

Car Tuning in Custom Body Shops

Custom Body Shop A custom body shop is a business that substantially alters and modifies vehicles. They can modify the body of the car for aesthet..

custom bike

Custom bike: is building one worth it?

There’s something inherently rewarding about creating something out of nothing. There’s no greater feeling than seeing your creation be admir..

Custom Auto Paint Shop

Five Traits Of A Great Custom Auto Paint Shop

What Makes a Custom Auto Paint Shop Great? A custom auto paint shop has five traits that make it great. Those traits are a measure of their ca..

Car A/C

Most common issues with car A/C and heating units

We've all been there, you get to your car on a hot summer day looking forward to cooling down and the temperature never goes down. Or, it may cool bu..

engine rebuild service

Engine rebuild service vs Engine replacement

The question always comes up when a catastrophic car engine failure happens: should you replace your engine or call an engine rebuild service? Wh..

find custom motorcycle shops near me

Find custom motorcycle shops near me

Find the Right Custom Motorcycle Shop Near Me Finding custom motorcycle shops near your home or office is an easy task. However, this search gets..

custom auto paint shop

Give Your Car a Custom Auto Paint Job

Select a Responsible Custom Auto Paint Shop Something on the corner of your eye calls your attention, and you turn to have a closer look. No..

wrap vs paint

Wrap or paint – What’s the best option for your car?

The car wrapping industry has been rapidly growing in recent years. That trend is not expected to stop any time soon. Now that wrapping technol..

how to clean white vinyl boat seats

How to clean white vinyl boat seats?

There's no denying that the color white looks super classy and inviting, making it the perfect color for your boat upholstery. However, t..

boat cleaning service

Boat cleaning service – Learn all you need to know

For all of you boat lovers out there, this is the ultimate interior and exterior boat cleaning guide. Hire only the best boat cleaning service to..

custom car interior

Are custom car interiors worth it?

Some times car interiors deteriorate a lot faster than the rest of the vehicle, especially if you have kids or pets. Getting new interiors done b..

boat cleaning service

How often should I schedule a boat cleaning service to maintain the hull?

Wondering how often a boat cleaning service is necessary is a question most boat owners have asked themselves at least once. The truth is that it..

classic car restoration

Classic car restoration – The ultimate beginner’s guide

To ensure a high quality of a classic car restoration, it is essential to know the specific details of the vehicle and ensure you have the correc..

Car restoration

Car restoration: Getting started

Car restoration has been rising in popularity recently. You've probably seen more than a few classic cars driving around and the way they turn he..

Top Craft Market®: Just Launched!

Top Craft Market™ is a place for craftsmen to get paid their worth while working for themselves and earning positive client feedback. It’s al..

The History and Mission of Top Craft Market®

TCM History Top Craft Market™ began as a way to find a skilled worker for a certain job that requires more time than the inventor had to get it..

Top Craft Market®: How It Works

TCM for Skilled Automotive Workers and Craftsmen The site is designed so that as workers move up in tiers they are able earn top pay in your respectiv..

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