8 tools needed for automotive body repair

automotive body repair

Working on automotive body repair is a good way of starting your own business and being your own boss. However, in order to do that, you need to buy the necessary tools to provide a quality service. Here’s a list of the tools you’ll need to start working:

Air compressor

In order to be able to paint cars, you’ll need an air compressor big enough to work continuously. The compressor’s tank should be at least 60 gallons, and it should have around 7 HP. This will also allow you to use pneumatic tools instead of being limited to electric ones.

Spray paint gun

When buying a spray paint gun, many people wonder how much money they should spend. The answer is inversely proportional to your skill level. A skilled person can perform a quality paint job using a $300 paint gun. However, if you are just starting out, you might want to go for the $1000 range guns since they can really help you compensate for your lack of experience. It will also depend on your budget, just know that quality paint jobs can be performed used $300 HVLP guns, it’ll just be more difficult.

Dual-action sander

Spending less time sanding allows you to do more jobs and earn more money. Sanding by hand is a long, tedious process, spending a 100$ to shave significant amounts of work off every project is well worth it.

Auto body hammer and dolly set

Auto body hammers come in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll need a good set to do your job properly. You can find a quality set for around $100, and they’ll probably last enough to be used by your grandchildren.

Stud welder, slide hammer, and angle grinder

In order to fix dents on cars, you need a stud welder and a slide hammer. Then you’ll need the angle grinder to completely remove the studs. How that works is first you remove the paint from the dented area and leave the metal bare, then, you use the slide hammer to grab the studs so you can pull on the dented metal and return it approximately to its original shape. Here’s a quick video of someone explaining the process to a complete novice.

Autobody sanding block kit

Moder sanding blocks come in all shapes and sizes, but most importantly, they came in rigid or flexible forms. This allows you a great deal in flexibility when working on getting a smooth surface so you can paint properly. Getting a single sanding block might be enough, but getting a kit will allow you to work more comfortably and offer a better job in a shorter time.

Putty knives and body filler

Putty knives are used to mix and then apply the body filler to the car’s body. They are the last tool you’ll need before applying the paint and calling it a day, so get one you are comfortable with.

Respirator and goggles

Sanding can be incredibly harmful to your health if you don’t use a proper respirator. Getting particles in your lungs is a sure way to get sick fast, especially if you are working with carbon fiber. Your eyes are also very vulnerable when sanding. This is one item you don’t want to skimp on, either buy one that covers your whole face or buy goggles to wear in conjunction with the respirator.

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