Are custom car interiors worth it?

custom car interior

Some times car interiors deteriorate a lot faster than the rest of the vehicle, especially if you have kids or pets. Getting new interiors done by a professional craftsman is often a better option than going to the dealership, or than to just hold on until you are ready to replace the car, and it could allow you to get designs custom made to your liking.

Better deal than the dealership

Often times a car you liked at the dealership might not come with leather seats, or the surcharge to add leather seats might be excessive. We’ve seen them add as much as six thousand dollars to the car’s price because they add all sorts of extra peripherals to the “deluxe version” that you might have no use for.  In situations like this, it might make more sense to buy the car with regular seats and take straight out of the dealership to get its interiors upgraded.

Sometimes it costs the same to buy a car and take it straight to a custom interior shop than it is to buy them with leather seats at the dealership. Factory-installed leather seats are usually of lower quality than aftermarket ones. If the price to upgrade at the dealership is similar to getting them done professionally at an aftermarket vendor, then you’d probably end up with the better product by choosing to go the aftermarket route.

Custom made leather seats can cost under two thousand dollars depending on the model, including installation. Besides getting superior quality, you get to customize them in whatever color you like. You can even combine colors or add your initials or company logo to your seats. You don’t have to stop at the seats either, you can also customize the wall panels, the floor… Turn your entire car’s interior into a canvas to express your creativity.

Make it your own

There are many beautiful combinations of fabric and stitching colors that can make your car stand out. Red leather with black stitching is very popular in sports cars.

For most people, their car is their most expensive asset, why not customize it and make it your own. Make your car an extension of your personality, just like we do with phone cases, clothes, headphones. Let it make a statement every time someone sees you in it.

If you are curious about custom car interiors and want to get a quote, we can help you get in contact with highly skilled craftsmen near you. This way, you can be sure you’ll end up with a high-quality product that you’ll be proud to display to everyone around you.