Boat cleaning service – Learn all you need to know

boat cleaning service

For all of you boat lovers out there, this is the ultimate interior and exterior boat cleaning guide. Hire only the best boat cleaning service to keep your vessel in top condition.

To respond to the needs of the most demanding users, all the waste generated during navigation needs to be intensively cleaned. Algae, rust, saltpeter, and mold, are just a few factors that affect the lifespan of boats.

Our professionals know their craft well. Learn all you need to know about boat cleaning service.

What are the guidelines to follow for cleaning boat exteriors?

We recommend implementing a system allowing the boat owner to achieve the best cleaning possible, following pre-established objectives.

First off the cover should be washed with soap and neutral PH water, desalting all the elements that have been in contact with salt, from the waterline to the stoplight.

If the cover is dirty and yellowed, a gel-coat bleach can be used. Additionally. in the areas near the stern and exhaust, if it’s smoke-stained, a degreaser will do the trick.

It’s preferable to use very populated brushes that have thin and flexible bristles so as not to scratch the surface.

The metals and stainless steel surfaces are polished after removing the salt. It would help to use a metal polish, the kind that provides cleaning and corrosion protection at the same time.

Pressurized water can be used to clean the roof, being careful not to direct the jet against the rubber gaskets or window joints and other hulls.

If the boat has a teak deck, it should be desalted before applying the same neutral soap as the rest of the boat. It is preferable to use the treatment that is applied in a single step because it is much more practical, useful, and requires less effort.

What do boat cleaning service companies consider when cleaning ship interiors?

– Cabins and bathroom:

The hatches should be cleaned, and the joints sweeten, removing the salt from the glass and stainless parts of the gate. For this, water with an anti-lime is used to apply to both the metal and the lens.

If the toilet bowl has dark spots or lime, they must apply a descaling product or stain remover. It must be a product that does not damage the joints and parts of the toilet. Some people use hydrochloric acid for this task. We recommend to never use this product.

In faucets and water controls, there is usually oxidation or fungus points that disappear when rubbed with soap and water.

The bathroom floor is more complicated to leave pristine due to the non-slip texture of the floor. A K7 type cleaner must be used and a pressure washer to get the best results. After it’s cleaned with the pressure washer, it will return to its original color, free of all the dirt. 

 Blackwater and tanks:

Deposits must be empty and clean, using the wastewaters out in the enabled area of the port. 

The sewage tank must be filled with water from the network adding a biological-enzymatic product. These contain bacteria, which eliminate and disintegrate waste and debris, cleaning the tank without damaging hoses or pumps.

To maintain these systems in the best conditions, low odor products must be used to take care of the facilities without risks of bad odors spreading throughout the boat. This is imperative to avoid infections brought by the lack of cleanliness of the waste deposits.

– Freshwater tanks:

Boat owners must prevent bad odors in the freshwater tank by adding a small bottle of product to sterilize the water. A pill bottle or a trickle of chlorine mixed with new water will do the trick.

After the sterilizing process is done, all the taps on board will be emptied. The pool with the water sterilizer will run through the entire water circuit, also cleaning the pipes. 

The valves must be closed, leaving approximately half a tank of water, and more sterilizing products should be added again. 

At the start of the next season, the tank must be emptied and refilled with new water.

– Ventilation:

If there’s going to be no activity during the winter, dry balls can be placed on the boat in all cabins and main cabinets to keep moisture at bay. 

The ideal scenario is that every week or fifteen days, you pass by the boat to open it and ventilate it. If this is not possible, a dehumidifier on a timer can be used to compensate. 

You must check your boat periodically to ensure the proper function of the dehumidifier. 

If that is not possible, we suggest hiring a boat cleaning service company to do it for you. Additionally, they should also ventilate the boat, clean and start the engines to keep them from developing issues.

– Upholstery, awnings, and covers:

Mats, armchairs or sofas are elements that we find in almost all boats. They are part of the original endowment of the ship, and over time they deteriorate.

You can also use the time spent during this thorough cleaning to repair broken furniture. You can take these items to our upholsterers to fix them or to reupholster them in a brand new color of your preference. However, if you are interested in a more complete guide on cleaning the upholstery of a boat, you can click here.

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