Classic car restoration – The ultimate beginner’s guide

classic car restoration

To ensure a high quality of a classic car restoration, it is essential to know the specific details of the vehicle and ensure you have the correct accessories, parts, and information. 

Where to begin the process?

Every classic car restoration should start with proper documentation of the vehicle and research. There are many options to do this, for example, books, magazines, online forums and specialized manuals. 

There are thousands of suppliers of classic car parts. The best thing to do before buying any piece is to first inquire on the internet or with friends who share the same hobby, to know which are the best places to buy accessories.

If you are going to buy on a website, try to make sure that the site has the backing of the car manufacturer.

Beware of the pieces of Chinese origin; in most cases, they do not meet the quality standards to have an almost perfect restoration.

Financials of car restoration

Since we mention the word restoration, the costs depend on several details:

1.- The quality of the bodywork and paint of the vehicle.

2.- The type of paint and its application.

3.- The materials used to detail the interiors must be the original ones, regardless of whether they are of American, European, or Brazilian origin.

4.- If possible, the accessories installed inside and outside should be originals or reproductions completely faithful to the originals, built by companies endorsed by the firm that built the car.

5.- Finally, ensure the finish and proper functioning of the engine. In many cases, it is not enough to replace hoses, belts, and certain cables. You will have to remove the engine block for maintenance and part replacement.

How to get good craftsmen for your classic car restoration?

Before embarking on this journey, we highly recommend that you attend renowned classic restoration events. There you will find a lot of experts and, you will be able to talk with the owners to know how the restoration process was and who was responsible for such work.

Another option is to visit various workshops and get to know their work and check some of their previous restored cars. Classic car clubs are a good source of information.

The same applies to online forums where

If you want to do it at home, you can always get the craftsmen to come to you. In our site, you can find workers that specialize in many different categories. You can hire them to help you finish the parts of the project you don’t have the time or the expertise to finish yourself.

Step by step

1.- Make a list of the parts and accessories that will need to be replaced by new ones, and begin their acquisition as soon as possible.

2.- Check the mechanical parts of the vehicle to make a list of everything that needs replacing.

3.- Disassemble the vehicle very carefully, pack the parts and mark them so as not to lose the order.

4.- The next point is to work on the sheet metal parts. Take the opportunity to separate the platform and repair the floors and the lower parts of the car.

5.- Replacement of sheet metal parts: doors, engine and hood covers, dashboards, etc.

6.- Paint application, preferably in a booth.

7.- Interiors, awning, upholstery, and rubber in general.

8.- General assembly of the vehicle.

9.- Review of mechanical parts, detailing, and testing.

How long does a functional restoration take?

Well-Done restoration work can take from four months to a year or much more. However, this is not a rule since there are always unforeseen events that will influence the time it will take.

One of the most important things is not to despair, even though you want it to be ready as soon as possible, patience will bear fruits sooner than later.

The reveal

Once you complete the restoration of the vehicle, we advise you to make a big reveal to present it to family and friends. Who better to share that exciting moment with than the people you most appreciate and value.

Once you have had the opportunity to carry out a classic car restoration, you will realize why they become part of their families.