Custom bike: is building one worth it?

custom bike

There’s something inherently rewarding about creating something out of nothing. There’s no greater feeling than seeing your creation be admired by others and taking pride in your work. That’s just one of the reasons we consider building a custom bike to be a rewarding experience.

If you’ve always liked motorcycles, then you’ve probably been forced to learn how they work in order to keep them properly running.

As you spend many years riding, you slowly learn the ins and outs of motorcycle mechanics. That may make you feel prepared to build one from scratch. So, should you bother doing it? Here are a few of the reasons why customizing your own is worth it:

Fits like a glove

Why do people get custom suits? Or custom anything really; they do so to get a product tailor-made to their bodies and style preferences. Bikes can be the same. You can choose one with a frame that’s right for you, pair it with the right handlebars, and you’ll feel that its an extension of your body.

Have you ever ridden a bike that is extremely comfortable but doesn’t have enough horsepower, or maybe you dislike the sound? There are many legitimate reasons to dislike a motorcycle that are entirely subjective.

With a custom build, you can pick and choose whatever makes a bike work for you. You can pick your favorite frame with the right handlebars to make the ride as comfortable as possible and slap in an engine that fits your power needs and fits on that frame.

It’s a learning experience.

Nothing will teach you more about bikes than building your own. You’ll have to research every part for hours to make an informed decision. You’ll have to learn how to install them and what parts work better with each other.

After you finish it, you’ll be able to take it apart and back together effortlessly, meaning you’ll only have to visit a shop for particular problems that need specialized equipment. If you want to learn more about your bike, there’s no better experience to be had than to build it.

Combining looks

Have you ever fallen in love with a particular front end of a bike but thought that its gas tank looks hideous? That’s not a problem for custom builds.

Pick and choose whatever you like from different bikes and make it your own design. It’s like legos for adults, and the number of combinations are endless.

You can make your custom bike as weird as you like

custom bike with its creator

Traditional bike design hasn’t changed all that much in the last decades. Maybe you are eccentric, and you want your bike to show it. You can go nuts, add long forks to sport bikes, use a beer keg as a gas tank, make a steampunk design, etc. Make a statement every time your motorcycle hits the asphalt.

Pay as you go

Many people would like to own a bike but don’t have the credit or the disposable income to purchase one. Building your own allows you to buy one piece at the time. This way, you can finish it years after you begin, allowing your wallet to take the hits without breaking.

Flexible budget

You can build a bike from complete scratch, and have all the parts machined to your specifications, which would end up being a costly build. You can also spend countless hours on eBay looking for cheap parts to put together. There are no rules that dictate how much you should spend on your custom build, so choose one that fits your budget.

Bonding experience

If you are thinking about getting a friend or family member into the biking world, then building one together can be a great experience. You can spend hours researching together, buying parts and then complaining about the fact that you should have never listened to the other guy’s idea.

Building a bike with your son or daughter is especially a good idea since these projects can take a long time to finish. It is an excellent way to spend time together working towards a common goal. It has the added benefit that whoever helps you can keep the bike for decades, so that every time they see it, it will bring back memories of the countless hours you spent working together.

These are just a few of the reasons why building your own custom design can be a fun and rewarding experience. If you need skilled craftsmen to help you with parts of the project, you can find them here!