Custom Motorcycle Shops Near Me – Paint Price

Of all Custom Motorcycle Shops Near Me…

…Which One Would Treat my Bike and Me Fairly?

You wonder, “of all custom motorcycle shops near me which one would treat my bike and me fairly? How much am I going to spend on this painting job?”. You want to refurbish your bike, which has faded looking paint and some dents and scratches. Or you have recently purchased a used motorcycle over which you got a good deal, but it is evident that it needs paint to revive its looks. In any case, you need the information to answer your question.

…We will help you choose one

The first thing that you should decide is the type of painting job you want to do because it will determine your expenditure. You want to keep the cost to a minimum, but you want a paint job that gives your bike a dazzling shine. Motorcycle paint jobs vary depending on the location, the type of painting shop, the age, class, model, and make of your bike. Last, but not least, it depends on the work required and the kind and quantity of paint used. To facilitate your decision, we will give you some guidelines that will orient you in the process.

Of all Custom Motorcycle Shops Near Me…

…Which One Does Good Standard Paint Jobs?

The amount of paint used on a standard paint job does not make it the most crucial component of the total cost. The painting itself will require only about one or two coats of standard quality paint. The most critical factor in the price is the labor-intensive work of disassembling, freeing the frame, sanding the old paint out of the parts to be painted and priming them. Afterward, the painter takes the pieces that he or she is going to paint for applying the final color.

Most shops near you will give estimates for painting the three standard pieces, gas tank, and fenders. If you paint other parts, like the oil tank, side covers, and fairing, the price increases. The cost of this type of job can be anywhere in the $300-$1,500 range. It includes using one single color on the lower end of the price range, and metallic or pearl on the higher end. Of course, the price varies depending on the difficulty of the work and the quality of the paint. Most custom motorcycle shops near you will be able to do a fairly good standard painting job on your bike.

…Which One Does Great Custom Paint Jobs?

That is what good custom motorcycle shops near you are supposed to do-custom painting. The factors affecting the cost structure of the standard paint job have the same incidence over this job category. Nevertheless, they include more detailed work than regular jobs. Consequently, they have a higher cost. The price range in custom paint jobs lies in the field of $1,000-$3,000. Those jobs start with two colors and simple designs. Prices are contingent on; the artist, detail of designs, the quality, and the number of coats of paint. They increase exponentially, up to $30,000, when it includes exotic and costly colors, intricate designs, and the painting of all the parts of the motorcycle.

…Which one but I and my Garage?

If you love mechanical work, like taking apart and assembling back things, and have the tools, knowledge, skills, and some time to spare for painting your bike, you probably are a painter at a custom paint shop. That is not a joke; painting a motorcycle has to be taken seriously. Just imagine yourself taking apart your beloved classic bike and end up with all sorts of gear scattered all around the garage floor. At assembling time you would probably say “@#&^%! I had better take my bike to that custom motorcycle shop near me”.

Seriously, you can save a reasonable sum of money if you do some of the work, like disassembling, sanding, and taking the parts at the painting shop, but only if you have what is required. Then you can use that extra money to do a custom job instead of a standard one. Just remember to take many photos of the parts that you are taking away, label and bag them in plastic bags, and store them in bokes classified by the parts of the bike. Overall, you are going to save money, because this type of painting job goes around $100-$300, or maybe more, depending on your goals for the job.


The price of motorcycle paint custom jobs varies depending on the location, the type of shop, the age, class, model and make of your bike. Additionally, you must consider the work required, the quality and quantity of paint used, the labor previous to the painting, and the complexity of the designs that you choose. We hope that we have given you enough information to make the right decision about getting a paint job to your ride, so that you would say, “Here I found the custom motorcycle shop near me where I can get a fair deal.”