Find custom motorcycle shops near me

find custom motorcycle shops near me

Find the Right Custom Motorcycle Shop Near Me

Finding custom motorcycle shops near your home or office is an easy task. However, this search gets more difficult as the complexity of the custom job that you are going to perform to your bike increases. Consequently, the first thing that you have to do to simplify the search is to define what you want.

Guiding your Search

If you want to avoid misunderstandings that will cost you time and money, you have to be crystal clear and specific about the type of job that you want. Every custom motorcycle job is unique. Likewise, there are no two custom motorcycle shops alike. This article is about giving you some tips to guide you in that search.

Types of Custom Motorcycle Shops

Finding it depends on the kind of work that you are going to perform on your bike. There are two types of custom bike jobs: One is to build a custom bike from the ground up, the other is to take a stock bike and modify it.

Custom Motorcycle Builders

Custom Motorcycle Shop Near Me

People who run these custom motorcycle shops have not only mechanical expertise but also artistic and design competences. The works that they do are works of art, or statements if you will. Like architects, they make the blueprint of the job with computer aid design programs and produce a final rendering of the bike. Underneath that rendering lies the complete specifications that allow the shop to convert that design into a metal machine.

You are the co-designer of your bike; consequently, you have to be in constant contact with the shop, so that you make sure that the final product will satisfy you. This project is not only about a custom bike, but it is also an investment because it will cost you much money. You will have to look harder for a shop like this.

As a critical member of the design team, your unique design requirements result in a more complicated process of buying or making parts. For this reason, the time and labor invested in manufacturing will increase, which in turn affects the final price of the project. This option is the right choice for people like Keanu Reeves, not for the majority of motorcycle owners.

Repair and Restoration Custom Motorcycle Shops

All the bike shops do repair work, and most of them do some bike restoration jobs. In this market segment, there are mainly two types of motorcycles that are subject to restoration, cruisers, and sports bikes.

It is essential to consider the country of origin that the motorcycles and their spare parts. For instance, Motorcycles like Harley Davidson and Indian cruisers are made in North America. While sports bikes like Ducati and Kawasaki are made in Europe and Japan, respectively.

In general, the technology in cruiser bikes evolves at a slower pace than in sports bikes, which is more advanced and sophisticated in that aspect. Consequently, bike repair and restoration shops find spare parts more easily in cruisers than in sports bikes. For this reason, repair and restoration jobs performed in sport motorcycles are costlier and take more time than the ones done in cruiser motorcycles.

Bike shops prefer to have a high turnover on repair and restoration jobs that are more basic, since they charge these jobs by the hour, while in more complex tasks, they set a price for the total project. In the end, they try to balance both types of works to maintain the profitability of the business.

Shops that do Basic Restoring

You won’t have trouble finding a custom bike shop near you capable of performing a basic restoration job to your specifications. Here is how you do it.

Every restoration work will make feel owners great when they ride their newly refurbished machines. That feeling will increase if they can enjoy that ride quicker and at a lower price. Accordingly, if they have a motorcycle in excellent mechanical condition, the best option is to paint it. To decorate a bike requires some mechanical work, but the bulk of the cost lies in the complexity of the paint job.

Specialized, custom paint jobs take more time and cost more. In the case of intricate, unique designs and multicoating paint, it could take up to eight weeks to perform. In that sense, the owner’s budget decides what would be the final look of his or her classic ride.

Shops that do One-Off Specials

This type of customization work consists of changing most parts of the bike, leaving only the basics, frame, and engine. In this case, the number of elements that are changed depends on the owner’s budget. It is crucial to know that motorcycle shops most perform One-Off custom works with safety in mind. Since changing most of the components of the original bike might affect how they function together. For instance, altering the machine’s capacity to brake efficiently. With this in mind, you should be careful in the selection, taking into consideration that only specialized shops perform this type of job.


You have a clear idea of the potential cost and the type of work that you are going to perform on your bike. And you are positive about the fact that the benefits of doing it outweigh the price you pay. Indeed, you are ready to search for a “custom motorcycle shop near me,” here.

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