Get These Boat Detailing Products for a Great Job

Boat detailing products

What boat detailing products should I use? Every boat’s owner asks that question, now and then. Boats are a great way to spend our leisure time. They not only allow us to have fun, but also to share with friends, and to explore the marvels of the sea or lakes. However, UV rays, contaminants from water, sand, dull the shine of metals, and fade paint.

Frequency of Detailing

Boats should have a detailing work at least once a year, depending on the use and the environmental conditions. For this reason, you can take your boat to an expert craftsman for detailing, or you can do it yourself. In particular, if you decide to do it yourself, you should have all the materials that you need handy. As an illustration, you don’t want to run out of wax in the middle of that job. 

Boat Detailing Products

Some people think that they can use car-cleaning products for boat detailing. However, they do not take into consideration that boats are under much harsher conditions than cars because they have constant exposure to water, salt, contaminants, and sunlight. That is the reason why boat detailing requires specific products for that kind of job. Accordingly, we will show you the materials that you need for every step of the detailing job.

Products for Rinsing

Before doing anything else, you need to wash off all grit and debris.

Products: Hose, High-pressure washer.

Products for Soaping

After removing debris and grime, it is time to work on the boat’s surface to take out the more stubborn dirt. It is essential to rinse often, do not let air-dry the soap. 

Products: Heavy-duty nitrile gloves, non-skid sponge, a large bucket of clean water, brush, specialized soap, microfiber towels.

Products for Rubbing

To remove old wax, you should get to work and buff out the exterior surface by hand with a paint-safe acidic cleaner. Specifically, work small areas at a time and always follow with a thorough scrubbing with soap and water and rinse thoroughly to remove all residue. Equally important, this is the time to take care of mildew removal following the manufacturer’s instructions. Afterward, rinse and towel dry. 

Products: Paint-safe acidic cleaner, gloves, soap, bucket, sponge, brush, mildew removal.

Products for Waxing

After you have cleaned and dewaxed the boat, it is waxing time. Moreover, the wax puts a layer of protection between the gel coat and the environment.

Products: Machine polisher, marine-grade paste wax. 

Products for Sealing the Wax

The sealer fills the gel coat pores, adds protecting coat, and dries within 24 hours.

Products: Marine-grade gel coat sealer, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Products for Cleaning the Interior

To clean the interior of the boat, power vacuum carpets, and hidden areas. Afterward, scrub using a marine multisurface cleaner, which is strong enough to clean filthy spots, and won’t damage the boat surfaces.  

Products: Power vacuum, marine-grade multisurface cleaner, metal polish for aluminum and stainless steel parts. For seats and fabrics, fabric cleaner, fabric guard. Rubber and synthetics marine aerospace protectant.

Beauty that Lasts

Detailing your boat is a task that requires hard work and can take 1 to 2 days to do it, depending on the boat’s size. If done correctly, detailing not only gives your boat a showroom look, but it also prolongs its life. You can take it to a top craftsman, or you can do it yourself.

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