Give Your Car a Custom Auto Paint Job

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Select a Responsible Custom Auto Paint Shop

Something on the corner of your eye calls your attention, and you turn to have a closer look. Now you are watching a car with a custom paint job, over which you react in one of two ways. One is that you are amazed by the strikingly beautiful look of the car. The other, you turn away with an expression of disgust on your face. Which one of those two reactions would you want people to have when they look at your car coming out of a new custom auto paint job? The first one, of course. There is no middle ground on a custom auto paint job; you either enjoy extreme beauty or suffer extreme horror. Get out of the pack with the help of a responsible custom auto paint shop. They have expert craftsmen that will give your car the beautiful shining look that you are looking for.

Reasons to Take Your Car to a Custom Auto Paint Shop

Give Life to an Old Vehicle with a Custom Auto Paint Job.

You have probably had this vehicle for some time and want to give it a new look by painting it with another color, or you love its color, but it has faded over time. By getting a custom auto paint job, you restore your vehicle’s look.

Make the Car You Bought, Really Yours with a Custom Auto Paint Job.

You probably bought a pre-owned car, over which you got a good deal, but you hate the color, so you want to make that vehicle rightly yours by taking it to a custom auto paint shop that specializes in the painting techniques described below.

So You Had an Accident with Your Car.

If you need to repair a scratch, or if your vehicle has suffered significant damage in an accident, you need to take it to a custom auto paint shop that can match the repaired panels correctly with the original paint of the vehicle. Leaving the vehicle with that damage affects its resale value. Even if it is a scratch, if you don’t repair it, rust builds up over time.

You Want to Boost Your Vehicle’s Value.

A coat of paint goes a long way to increase the value of your vehicle. If you are thinking of selling it, giving it a custom auto paint job is a good move to improve its resale value because it will make it look like a new one.

Custom Auto Paint Shops Can Be Very Creative

For whatever reason, you have decided that your car deserves to have, not just a better look, but an extraordinary one. What would you do to have that look? You take it to a custom auto paint shop that specializes in special design painting using the techniques described below.

One Color, Great Color

Painting a car with just one color does not mean that the final look is undistinguished and boring. You can make that one color, a great one.

The First Option Is Metallic.

Metallic doesn’t have anything to do with the rock band; it has to do with metallic paint. Metallic paint contains tiny aluminum flakes that have reflective surfaces. It gives depth to the color that you chose and makes it shinier. Your car, with this paint job, stands out and makes some heads turn, especially under the sunlight.

Another Option Is Matte Paint.

Matte is an out of the ordinary type of paint. Consequently, as a car owner, you have to select it, not just to stand out, but also and mainly because you feel well while driving your car with that look. A matte custom paint job, done right, gives your car a dramatic; some would say an aggressive look. It looks great in darker shades, like black or grey. Your car, without any doubt, stands out with this custom auto paint job.

Two Colors, Twice Great.

There are so many colors in the market that you don’t have to be satisfied with picking just one. Painting in different colors is done in houses, in boats, in motorcycles, so it doesn’t have to be different in cars, where it has the same effect, to make it stand out.

Two-Tone Paint with Hard Lines

This type of custom auto paint job has been around for quite some time. I remember myself polishing my father’s 1957 sky blue and white Chevy. It is not expensive, and it looks great. In most cases, it consists of painting the top two-thirds of the vehicle with a solid color, and its lower portion with another solid neutral color. You can swap the colors, the neutral up, and the solid down. The separation of the colors depends on whether the vehicle has clear and differentiated body lines; generally, those lines are the limit between the colors. You can decide whether a stripe of a different color separates the two tones, or you can just let them meet at the vehicle line.

Two-Tone Fade Paint Job.

The two-tone fade has the same general technique of the two-tone hard lines. The painter starts from the top of the vehicle until having painted two-thirds of it. Then, he paints the bottom with a different color. The difference between the two auto paint jobs is creating a fuzzy zone where the two colors meet. That paint job blends the two primary colors giving the blending area a fuzzy tone. Sometimes that fuzzy area is painted with a different color to make it stand out.

Pearlescent Auto Paint Job

Pearlescent paints use ceramic crystals instead of metallic particles. While the metallic particles reflect light, the pearly crystals refract it. A pearl paint applied over a solid color gives the color of your vehicle more depth and a different hue. On top of that, when the sunlight hits, that pearlescent finish makes your vehicle glow with a whole spectrum of color shades. That custom auto paint job makes you glow too.

Ready To Choose Your Custom Auto Paint Shop?

We hope that this article has helped you to clear your ideas and that you are now more able to make the right decision based on the basic facts about painting your vehicle. To find options where you can give an excellent custom auto paint job to your vehicle, do not hesitate and contact us here.