How often should I schedule a boat cleaning service to maintain the hull?

boat cleaning service

Wondering how often a boat cleaning service is necessary is a question most boat owners have asked themselves at least once. The truth is that it varies widely depending on your latitude and the season.

It’s essential to avoid letting your hull fouling build up too much since removing it when it gets to that point can damage your bottom paint. This will result in having to spend more money repainting with antifouling paint, which is considerably more expensive than cleaning your hull in a timely fashion. It is for this reason that constant cleaning is considered better than the occasional deep cleaning.

Fouling will reduce your top speed, fuel efficiency and might even damage your engine

Keep in mind that hull fouling usually develops faster in warmer waters, so the closer you are to the equator, the more often you’ll have to clean your hull. 

Taking it off the water

Most people don’t use their boats year-round, so it’s always a good idea to clean at the beginning of your boating season. If you are going to store it after the season is over, then cleaning it after you take it off the water is a must as well. Sailing with a clean hull will improve your boat’s performance and fuel economy.

If you plan to hitch your boat and move it to a different site, it’s essential to clean it beforehand; This will prevent transporting invasive aquatic specimens to new environments. You don’t want to be responsible for damaging a local ecosystem.

Leaving it on the water

If you plan to leave your boat in the water at a marina, schedule a boat cleaning service to clean it periodically. Leaving your boat unattended for extended periods can do terrible things to your hull.

As a rule of thumb, cleaning your boat every two months should be enough to prevent too much build-up. If you leave the states and venture south into Central America, you might have to clean it every month to be on the safe side.

Other than keeping your hull clean, a boat cleaning service also needs to open your cabin periodically to air it. This will prevent too much moisture from accumulating, which can damage the wooden interiors on your boat.

By diligently maintaining your boat hull clean, you’ll extend the life of your bottom paint from one year to two. It can also extend the life of your engine since a dirty hull can cause it to overheat due to the increased drag, it will save you money on gas as well.

Keeping your boat constantly clean may seem expensive at first, but it is actually cheaper than the alternative in the long run. Repainting your hull is more expensive than it is to maintain it.

If you are having trouble finding quality service, we are more than happy to help you get in touch with skilled craftsmen that can help you with all your boat maintenance needs.