How to Choose a Great Custom Car Body Shop

custom car body shop

You need to choose a custom car body shop. The reason is that you have decided that your car deserves to have, not just a better look, but an extraordinary one. But how do you go about choosing the right custom car body shop?

In this article, we give you tips to help you do that. We group them into three criteria by which you can judge better. Traits of the custom car body shop, custom auto paint jobs, and custom bodywork.

Traits of the Body Shop


They should be able to show you the jobs that they have done so that you can see what type of jobs they do. A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau means that you are going to get excellent customer service at a reasonably good price.

Technologically Up To Date.

The shop that you are looking for must have the latest technology. The custom body shop that you are looking for most has the mechanical and electronic equipment suitable to do it. 

Great Customer Experience.

An excellent custom body shop understands your needs and makes sure that the process of working on your car runs smoothly. They know that they need to keep you informed of the work that they are doing. 

Custom Auto Paint Jobs

The custom car body shop that you select must be capable of doing these types of custom paint jobs. 


Metallic paint contains tiny aluminum flakes that have reflective surfaces. It gives depth to the color that you chose and makes it shinier. 

Matte Paint. 

A matte custom paint job, done right, gives your car a dramatic; some would say an aggressive look. It looks great in darker shades, like black or grey. 

Two-Tone Paint with Hard Lines 

In most cases, it consists of painting the top two-thirds of the vehicle with a solid color, and its lower portion with another solid neutral color. You can swap the colors, the neutral up, and the solid down. 

Two-Tone Fade Paint Job. 

The two-tone fade has the same general technique of the two-tone hard lines. The difference between the two auto paint jobs is creating a fuzzy zone where the two colors meet. Sometimes that fuzzy area is painted with a different color to make it stand out.

Pearlescent Auto Paint Job 

Pearlescent paints use ceramic crystals instead of metallic particles. While the metallic particles reflect light, the pearly crystals refract it. A pearl paint applied over a solid color gives the color of your vehicle more depth and a different hue. 

Custom Bodyworks

Custom car body shops are capable of doing from the most straightforward types of body repair to the most complex restorations. 

Straightforward Repair

Dings, dents, scratches, and other damage are not only visually impressive, but they could be hiding other, more detrimental issues, such as a bent frame. 

  • PDR. Paintless dent repair. 
  • Dent Repair
  • Body Panel Replacement
  • Color Match Auto Painting
  • Frame Repair

Custom Car Restorations 

If you want to restore a classic car to a custom body shop, they will probably tell you how much they charge by the hour and give a very gross estimate of hours because it is impossible to provide you with a detailed estimate.  

Every vehicle is different, and it has a different history, regarding its maintenance, the overall condition of the various sheet metal components, or the previous restoration attempts. Be aware that the cost of a Concours restoration, over 95 points of professional evaluation, could easily exceed the final dollar value of the car. 

The 100-points system is a universal methodology used in rating the condition of a classic car. It ranges from 100 being excellent to 20 being un-restorable.

Restored to Driving Condition

It is for vehicles that are fully operational but may require replacement parts and some minor cosmetic adjustments. An inspection by a responsible custom car body shop will help you see the kind of repairs that you need to do and how much they would cost. 

Restored to Street Show Condition

It applies to vehicles that are in working condition with no significant cosmetic issues. The car will usually fall within 80-89 points when judged by a restoration professional.

At this level, your car should look good, drive well, and be ready to impress a professional. You will want higher quality parts, expert repairs, and attention to detail – at least on the outside.

Restored to Show Car Condition

This level is most easily obtained by a custom car body shop that has attention to detail over every aspect of the car.

On the point system, a show car condition vehicle would fall between 90-95 when ranked by a professional.

Restored to Concours Condition

As the highest level of restoration for a classic car, Concours condition is usually only for auto shows, private collectors, and vehicles that are never driven. You will need a professional with professional tools to get to this level. Professionally, they would be rated over 95.


Choosing a great custom body shop in the key to get the custom bodywork that your car deserves. It depends on many factors. Such as shop traits, and their capacity to do unique custom paint and body works. Top Craft Market connects with the best talent in your area, from general repair to custom, specialized jobs. Find a top craftsman here.

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