How to clean white vinyl boat seats?

how to clean white vinyl boat seats

There’s no denying that the color white looks super classy and inviting, making it the perfect color for your boat upholstery.

However, the color white is very easily stainable, which creates a need for constant maintenance and cleaning. So, how to clean white vinyl boat seats is the million-dollar question.

With the right products and procedures, it’s easy to maintain the white seats and upholstery of your boat, extending their life. With some practical advice, you can keep the white seats and upholstery of your boat in the best possible condition.

For those of you asking the question: How to clean white vinyl boat seats? We will start by saying you must clean them thoroughly at least twice a year.

Up next, we list the tools and materials that you need to have on hand for this project:

Marseille soap.

– Tea tree oil.

– Hot water.

– Soda wash.

– Hydrogen peroxide.

– Cube.

– Scrub brush.

– The spray bottle.

– Dry cloth.

– Vinyl solution.

How to clean white vinyl boat seats step by step

Step 1 – Clean upholstery mold

It is advisable to avoid any cleaning solution with strong chemicals. Instead, use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and hot water in a one to one ratio.

Step 2 – General upholstery cleaning

After removing the mold, it is essential to clean the whole area thoroughly. To do this, mix half a tablespoon of Marseille soap, along with another half tablespoon of wash soda, 2 cups of water, and at least 15 drops of tea tree oil.

Shake the mixture and sprinkle it on all surfaces of the upholstery. After letting it sit for a few seconds, dry the upholstery with a cloth.

Step 3 – Protect the vinyl

Constant exposure to the sun ends up destroying the vinyl in your upholstery. It is important to take proper care of it and protect it by using a vinyl protection solution. The product instructions must be read regarding the appropriate amount and frequency that the solution should be applied.

Step 4 – Repair any damaged vinyl

It is very important to replace or repair any broken vinyl; To do this, you can use upholstery repair kits to fix small cracks, or you can replace the broken part. 

What if I don’t have the time?

Fortunately for you, we have made it really easy to get a list of professional boat cleaners, ready to tackle your project and leave those white boat seats whiter than they ever were! Check them out here.