How to clean your boat’s interiors

clean boat's interiors

While we have discussed the importance of cleaning your boat’s exterior, but cleaning the interiors is just as important. And while you can get away with cleaning your hull once a month, you should probably clean your interiors more often than that.

It’s better to clean your boat’s interiors regularly

While you can schedule deep cleanings every couple of weeks, you’ll probably want to do a light cleaning after each trip, especially if fishing is involved. After all, nobody wants to spend all day on a boat that looks like a murder scene.

Preventive maintenance is always better than periodic deep cleanings when it comes to water vessels. Humidity and dampness breed mold, so remember to dry everything thoroughly before you are done. Remove the seats and clean them outside to ensure no water remains within the cushions. Also, remember to squeeze the cushions to extract any water that may have gotten inside the vinyl through the seams.

You can clean your boat’s interiors using an all-surface cleaner that’s safe for vinyl. You can try brands like spray nine or 303 marine multisurface cleaner. Remember to let everything air dry before you start cleaning and dry everything well after you are done cleaning.

After everything is dry, apply a vinyl protectant to your vinyl seats to protect them from the elements and extend their life.

Lastly, you have to protect the fabric of your boat, like carpets, boat cover, tops, seats, using a fabric guard.

Cleaning metals

To clean aluminum and stainless steel parts of your boat’s interiors, you should use a specialized metal cleaner. That way, you’ll get rid of smudges, stains, and dirt. Avoid using an all-surface cleaner on metallic parts of your boat’s interiors as it will leave uneven streaks.

When your boating season’s over, you should schedule a deep cleaning with qualified professionals to get those hard to reach places and prevent rust and mold. If you need to get in contact with a high-quality boat cleaning service, you can do so here.