Reasons to get custom motorcycle handlebars

custom motorcycle handlebars

Getting custom motorcycle handlebars installed on your ride can significantly change the experience. There are many good reasons to trade your OEM handlebars for custom made ones, here’s a few of them:


Motorcycles, unlike cars, have little or no adjustment options. If the Handlebars are in a non-ideal position, you can’t just adjust the seat like you would in a car. What you can do is get a handlebar that is right for your body and your driving style.

Getting custom handlebars allows you to choose just how high you want them. This determines your position on the bike, which is essential since the wrong position can put a lot of stress on your back.

It allows you to choose the width of the handlebars, which can ease the stress on your shoulders and offer a smoother ride. You can also customize the angle of the handlebars to the one that best agrees with your wrist and shoulders.

Health and safety

All these changes also offer you more control over the bike. A rider that’s more comfortable and has greater control over its bike is safer than one fatigued by driving in an unnatural position for an extended period.

Driving in an uncomfortable position for an extended period on a daily basis can create health problems. For example, it could, over time, develop into issues like arthritis and disc problems. This can make a rider drive in strange positions to alleviate the pain, which, in turn, reduces his handling of the bike. That can lead to accidents that can easily lead to serious injury or even be fatal.

Customization options

Custom designs allow you to go as crazy and eccentric as you’d like. You can make your handlebars look like chains, or use revolvers to decorate them. You can add skulls, iron crosses, ninjas, steampunk designs, etc. Make your bike as unique as you like and have it become an extension of your personality.

This is an ultra-low design with a steampunk theme, so cool.

Making custom designs can be an expensive proposition if you need to machine multiple parts, but the end result can make your bike a one of a kind machine.

Doing something unique takes skill. That is if you want to end up with a quality product, at least. If you need to find skilled welders and metalworkers to make your vision for your custom motorcycle handlebars become a reality, you can find them here.