Six Custom Car Paint Job Ideas

custom car paint job ideas

Here we give you six custom car paint job ideas so that you can choose the one that will make your car jump out of the OEM color pack. When you see a vehicle with a great custom car paint job, you get amazed by the strikingly beautiful look of the car. Great custom car paint job ideas will make your vehicle stand out, one way or the other. 

Go Metallic

Metallic paint contains tiny aluminum flakes that have reflective surfaces. It gives depth to the color that you chose and makes it shinier. Your car, with this paint job, stands out and makes some heads turn, especially under the sunlight.

Matte paint

A matte custom paint job, done right, gives your car a dramatic; some would say an aggressive look. It looks great in darker shades, like black or grey.

Two-Tone Paint with Hard Lines

This type of custom auto paint job has been around for quite some time. It is not expensive, and it looks great. In most cases, it consists of painting the top two-thirds of the vehicle with a solid color, and its lower portion with another solid neutral color. You can swap the colors, the neutral up, and the solid down. The vehicle´s delimited body lines separate the two colors.

Two-Tone Fade Paint Job.

The two-tone fade has the same general technique of the two-tone hard lines. The painter starts from the top of the vehicle until having painted two-thirds of it. Then, he paints the bottom with a different color. The difference between the two auto paint jobs is creating a fuzzy zone where the two colors meet.

Pearlescent Auto Paint Job

Pearlescent paints use ceramic crystals instead of metallic particles. While the metallic particles reflect light, the pearly crystals refract it. A pearl paint applied over a solid color gives the color of your vehicle more depth and a different hue. On top of that, when the sunlight hits, that pearlescent finish makes your vehicle glow with a whole spectrum of color shades.

Get out of the pack with custom car paint job ideas that expert craftsmen are capable of doing so that your car gets the beautiful shining look that you want. Ask for them here.