Studebaker ’39 the kit car hot rod

Studebaker 39

The Studebaker ’39 body kit is one of the cheapest ways to own a street-legal hot rod without sacrificing safety or comfort. It uses a Chevrolet S10 as a donor, which is itself a wonderful compact utilitarian pickup truck.

Although you can buy a Studebaker preassembled and ready to go, they are also fun to build on your garage. The kit reuses the entirety of the original frame of its donor S10, including the doors, their seals, and windows. That ensures the structural integrity remains intact. Your ride will feel as smooth and comfortable as your stock s10 used to be.

Studebaker ’39 interiors

For builds on a budget, the original interior can be retained. Otherwise, you can upgrade your console and dashboard to a fiberglass package, which can really set it apart. They can be painted to match the truck’s exterior, which gives it a one of a kind look.

Since the kit uses all the original doors, windows, and seals, it doesn’t shake or rattle as other kit cars might.

V-8 conversion

Many people upgrade their engines to a V-8. If that’s your plan, it would be better to buy just the chassis, cab, and doors if you can find them. This conversion will really make your car fly down the track.

Unique exterior

The most recognizable part of the car is the unique log and curved grill, which gives it a retro “vision of the future” look. The whole exterior is very sleek. It’s just one continuous line, with few distractions, which makes for a very elegant look.

The bed deck is usually excluded from the kit since every owner has a different vision for it. However, most kit providers will include a bed deck of the material you prefer for an additional cost.

Studebaker ’39 availability

There are suppliers that will sell you the car already modified to your specifications. Just sign the check, pick up the key and enjoy your hotrod. Depending on the customization options you chose, on average, a ready to drive Studebaker ’39 kit will cost you around $25.000.

If you enjoy doing things yourself, you may prefer to buy the kit. Buying the exterior kit would cost you around $12.500, including shipping. The interiors, which in our opinion really complements the kit, would cost you around $1200.

You would have to find a Chevy S10 from 1993 to 2003 for the donor car. You can find one in decent condition from $4500 up to $9.000. Which would mean doing it on your own would cost you around $20.000 plus the paint job.

So you really don’t end up saving a lot of money by doing it yourself. It is still worth it to some for the hours of fun it brings. However, from a financial standpoint, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Since on preassembled ready to go trucks you would get a warranty which you would not when you build on your own.

If you are thinking of building your own and need quality craftsmen to help you make modifications, like redoing the upholstery, you can get in contact with a wide variety here.