The History and Mission of Top Craft Market®

TCM History

Top Craft Market began as a way to find a skilled worker for a certain job that requires more time than the inventor had to get it done. After some thought and searching on the internet came the realization that a search engine for this simply doesn’t exist.

Aside from word of mouth, there has never been a way to find skilled individuals with any kind of certainty that they were capable of doing the job. After much thought it was decided that the site should rely on feedback from customers so that the site itself drives the tier rating of the craftsmen on the site based on their actual work.

A simple 6 level tier system was designed and Top Craft Market was born. The biggest problem was how to get constant feedback from everyone who uses the site to find workers so a simple questionnaire was developed that is required to be filled out if the employers are to continue using the site. All of this is such a unique approach to finding work and hiring quality craftsmen that the process is patented. Currently, the idea holds Patent Pending status.

TCM Mission

First and foremost, we provide a means to find craftsmen for people who are searching for skilled workers in their area that they may not otherwise be able to find on their own. We have crafted a tier rating system in which the people who hire workers (employers) rate the craftsmen they choose to work with. This system of growing based on client feedback creates integrity in working relationships.

As our craftsmen stay in the system, they have the opportunity to move up to the highest tier levels based on their quality of work and employer ratings. Employers can then feel comfortable and confident that they are hiring qualified people for the work without having to hire out a contractor or pay a company large fees for the job.

The second, and equally important, part of our mission is to provide an avenue through which skilled workers can find work, apply their skills and expertise, earn feedback from employers and get paid a fair wage for work they do without having to go to work for someone else.

Our craftsmen can set their own hours and pick the jobs they want. The work they find here can be a side job or their main source of work and income. Utilizing this platform connects craftsmen with employers in their area, ensuring they will be able to get as much work as they want. If craftsmen prefer not to work for someone else, this is a great place to be. The skills and quality of work are what determines how well a craftsman does in their particular field. Each and every job well done gives craftsman a chance to improve their rating in our tiered system!