Top Craft Market: How It Works

TCM for Skilled Craftsmen, Workers and Contractors

The website is designed so that as you move up in tiers you get top pay for your field without working for someone else doing it. As you move up to the higher tiers you can command top dollar in your field because you are working with the record you have built and just like a company’s reputation, you will have your own reputation to maintain and customers will know from your record that you can be trusted to be fair, do good work, within budget, and on time just like a company would but it is even more personal because it’s your record!

Have pride in your work and you will be rewarded for that as long as you are a member of this website. Although price is not controlled and every job is different we do not want low ballers dropping the standards of wages for the higher tiers. We will watch for that and if an individual is pricing their work significantly below others in that tier we reserve the right to drop them one level. This is not intended to be price control but to help keep everyone making a fair wage.

The goal here is if you are a top craftsman and earn top pay in your field working for an employer you should be able to earn about the same amount of money working for yourself this way because potential employers will know what to expect and can rest assured that you are going to be able to do the work.

To command the most money and move to the top tier, you will need to earn great reports back from each employer you complete work for. It is also highly recommended that all craftsmen get a background check. There is a link to a recommended background check company in your profile and once you have a completed background check, you can upload it to your profile to increase the likelihood that employers will hire you for their next job!

TCM for Employers and Those Seeking Quality Work

When looking for a skilled worker, it can be very difficult to find the right person for the job. Top Craft Market is setup so that you can search for a job in any of five broad categories from automotive to boats to home and then specific jobs under those. Employers on the site are able to not only post jobs, but to browse skilled craftsman with particular expertise in order to find the perfect person for the job. If a job type or category you are looking for is not listed let us know and we can probably add it!

The advantage of using Top Craft Market instead of someone else to find a skilled worker is that we group all our craftsmen into a Patent Pending tier system that is controlled by you, the employer. So if you hire someone at the higher levels in the system you know they are skilled and do excellent work based solely on feedback from their previous customers. Craftsman can only move up in tiers based on the work they do for employers here.

Just like a large company’s reputation you can count on the workers on this website to be proud of their reputation and do what it takes to maintain it. If craftsmen don’t do good work, they will no longer be a part of the Top Craft Market system.

You should expect to pay similar rates to what a skilled craftsman or contractor would make if working for a company, but without all the overhead for the company so that translates to a huge savings to you and a fair rate for the craftsman. While it is not required, we also expect that most craftsmen advertising their skills through Top Craft Market will have had a background check uploaded to their profile. You are able to check for these and other credentials before deciding who is the best fit for you!