Top Craft Market®: Just Launched!

Top Craft Market is a place for craftsmen to get paid their worth while working for themselves and earning positive client feedback. It’s also the best way for regular folks to find top skilled workers in their respective areas for all kinds of projects, from house painting to automotive repair to babysitting.

Top Craft Market is just getting started so don’t be discouraged if you don’t find what you are looking for right away. We are all in this together to build a solid, reliable community of workers and employers. We are spreading the work through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and are also getting our name out there through car clubs and advertisement in key locations.

If you have a suggestion of a new topic or work category, please don’t hesitate to make suggestions and we will work on getting new things added to the site. As people looking for craftsmen (employers) sign up and begin posting jobs, more and more people looking for work (craftsmen) will start to sign up too.

The plan is to take this concept nationwide, so the more it grows the more it will be useful to both those looking for work and those looking for qualified people who can do that work. The goal here is to enable individuals to connect with each other for jobs so that both parties can truly benefit from. One party gets quality work done for a reasonable price. The other gets to do the work they want to do on their own schedule at a fair wage.