Traits of a Great Custom Body Shop

custom body shop

A great custom body shop has traits that are a measure of their capacity to guarantee the top-quality work that your vehicle needs. Because not any custom body shop can do the specialized job of customizing your car. You need to take your vehicle to a shop that has the following characteristics.

Personal Traits of the Owner

Love for His/Her Work.

The love for their job gives them the inspiration and passion that they need to create exceptional custom jobs, such as George and Sam Barris. Whose family gave the brothers a 1925 Buick in need of repair for the work they did at their restaurant. Afterward, they turned this Buick in the first “Barris Brothers” custom car. Their devotion to the art of custom cars put the Barris Brothers on a level never seen before. They turned a hobby into a profession, giving birth to the custom car industry.

Creativity and Continuous Learning.

Creativity and continuous learning through experimentation is a trait that is the seed of authentic, innovative custom jobs. Gene Winfield is a legend in the custom car shop industry. After a career building stock cars and competing in races, he opened a shop where he developed his trademark “faded candy paint job” technique. And in 1957 he built the famous Jade Idol, a customized 1956 Mercury.


Boldness is the willingness to take risks and act innovatively, showing confidence or courage. Every custom car builder has some degree of this trait. For instance, Dean Jeffries, the maker of the “Batmobile” and the “Black Beauty” for the Batman and Green Hornet TV series.

Custom Body Shop Traits


Great custom body shops have a history and reputation for fulfilling their work at the fullest satisfaction of their customers. They should be able to show you the jobs that they have done. Allowing you to have a clear idea of what they do. You want to take your car to a shop that has no less than an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Certifications mean that you are going to get excellent customer service at a reasonably good price.

Technologically Up To Date.

The shop that you are looking for must have the latest technology. The custom body shop that you are looking for most has the mechanical and electronic equipment suitable to do it.

Free and Accurate estimates

Before you approve the job, they must give you a very accurate estimate of costs and time. Moreover, they also have to explain it to you to the smallest detail, assuring that everything runs smoothly from the beginning. Those estimates should have no cost to you.

Great Customer Experience.

An excellent custom body shop understands your needs and makes sure that the process of working on your car runs smoothly. Because they know that you need to be informed of the work that they are doing. In like fashion, you have to make sure that they are capable of carefully planning the job, keeping it on budget and schedule, to avoid nasty surprises. Finally, yet importantly, they must guarantee their job.

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