Types of custom motorcycle handlebars

custom motorcycle handlebars

Handlebars on a motorcycle are the most crucial part when it comes to rider comfort. Custom motorcycle handlebars can save you a lot of pain by ensuring you are riding in a comfortable position.

Handlebars also define the handling of the bike. A rider that is on a comfortable position is bound to be a safer driver than one that’s not. They can help you take those tight turns at an incline that different shaped ones might not be able to.

The handlebars also define a big part of the motorcycle’s aesthetic. It can give your bike an aggressive performance look, or an asphalt surfer that’s comfortable enough to traverse the county in.

Here are a few of the most popular designs:

Motocross handlebars

Used generally on enduro-style bikes, these are perfect for offroading on your dirt bike. These are as straight as can be. The rider on bikes using these designs is almost standing up while driving, so the straight design gives it a lot of control over the bike, granting him a greater turn radius than other models.

Drag handlebars

These are also straight handlebars but are position in such a way that makes the rider lean forward. That reduces the drag (hence the name) or wind resistance, in order to achieve the maximum possible speed. They have no rise height, which allows the rider to get low; this gives the bike an aggressive look.

Beach bars

They usually have a very little rise in height. And the long bars allow the rider to drive in a comfortable, laid back position. This is an ideal design for Sunday cruising rides.

Touring bars

Very wide and high handlebars. The broad base of this design gives a bike a comfortable ride for long journeys. It also gives you plenty of customization options for thematic bikes.

H bars and T bars

These are tall and angular handlebars. They have built-in risers that allow them to be bolted straight into the triple tree without using a clamp. They usually look like the letter H when viewed from the front because of the cross brace they use.

Ape hangers

These are very high and usually curvy handlebars. The rider looks like an ape hanging from the high bars, which is the reason for the name. Traditionally used on choppers, they are chosen for form over function, as they aren’t comfortable to most people.

Z bars

Unlike the ape hangers, which are curvy and stylized, these bars are usually 90-degree angle bends. They can be as tall as ape hangers put are typically more moderate. They get that name because they look like two opposing Z when viewed from the front.

Clubman handlebars

Designed to make the rider lean forward and get low. These handlebars can give your bike a sporty, performance look. They are angled and narrow, ideal for aggressive-looking bikes.

There are many more designs out there, but these should cover the basics. When replacing your stock handlebars, remember that you can be as eccentric as you want. A professional custom motorcycle handlebars manufacturer should be able to bring even the craziest designs to life.

You just have to decide what you value more in your riding experience, comfort, or aesthetic. After that, you can choose the model that suits your needs. If you want to find a high-quality manufacturer, you can find some here.