What are the average boat cleaning prices?

boat cleaning prices

Getting your boat back to pristine condition is a rewarding experience. For the best results, you can hire a professional boat cleaning service. Using high-quality products to polish and wax your hull, your vinyl seats, and the metal parts is essential. But how much should you pay for it? Hopefully, we’ll help you figure out what are fair boat cleaning prices.

Like every other business, boat cleaning prices are affected by supply and demand. They are bound to be higher in the summer when business is booming and lower when traffic is lower. Competition also helps keep prices in check, so you better hope there’s more than one provider near your boat.

The boat’s exterior should be washed at the beginning of the season to improve the performance of the boat and save money on gas. After that, it should be washed once a month or twice a month, depending on many factors. Here’s an article about how often you should clean your boat’s hull.

For vessels larger than 40 feet, the prices are usually increased by about 30% more than smaller boats. The condition of your ship will also play an essential part in the budget. Don’t wait too long to get your boat to a professional cleaning service. Even if your boat is not seeing any use, you should get it cleaned periodically to avoid moisture from damaging the furniture.

Having said all this here are a few references for what you should pay for boat cleaning:

A simple cleaning should cost around $15-25 per foot, that includes:


  • Cleaning the boat’s windows
  • Applying sun protection to leather and vinyl
  • Cleaning of leather, plastic, and vinyl
  • Vacuuming of the boat’s interior
  • Thorough cleaning of the floor and storage cabinets
  • Cleaning of the boat’s metal parts with special products
  • Cleaning of the engine compartment


  • Washing and drying of the boat’s hull
  • Cleaning the outside of the boat’s windows
  • Removing of algae, grime, barnacles, and oxidation
  • Buffing the hull


If you neglect your boats for a prolonged period, you’ll most likely be charged extra for a proper cleaning. That’s especially true if it remained in the water since the hull can get seriously fouled. When it comes to boat maintenance it is always better to clean regularly than to do deep cleanings after prolonged periods. It will be faster and cheaper that way

If you spend a lot of time without cleaning your boat the sun can damage the vinyl of your seats. The moisture can damage your furniture and mold can grow pretty much everywhere. It is very hard to say how much more expensive will your cleaning service cost without seeing the damage since it can vary. You can end up paying $40 per foot

If more than one service provider exists in your area, don’t be afraid to ask for multiple quotes to find the best boat cleaning prices. If you are looking for a professional boat cleaning service, you can find some here. They’ll be more than happy to send you a quote.