Why you should join a club before starting a classic car restoration

classic car restoration

We see it time and time again, people too afraid to ask for help and learn from others have to work twice as hard for no good reason. Before starting a classic car restoration, it is always a good idea to join a club. Sometimes there are clubs for a brand and sometimes even for a specific model. The benefits that you can receive from joining are incredible, here are just a few:

Learning from other’s mistakes

When performing a classic car restoration, every mistake can cost lots of time and money. When hundreds of people have restored the very same care you are attempting to restore, you can be sure they’ve encountered every pitfall there is on that model. You can then use that information to avoid that pitfall. Use this treasure trove of information to your advantage and save yourself the headache of figuring things out on your own.

Some cars have special quirks and kinks that are particular to that model. Knowing those can also help you decide which parts you want to restore yourself and which parts you want to outsource. Or wich parts you want to restore using authentic original parts or where upgrading to modern equivalents makes more sense.

Finding parts

Finding parts is probably the most annoying part of classic car restoration. Some parts that are discontinued are virtually unattainable. All restorers on the club had to go through the same problem when restoring their own cars. Some may carry extra parts that they are happy to sell you, or they may know where to find them.

They can also tell you which aftermarket part is best when an original part just can’t be found. Maybe you can find that same Chevy Malibu part under a different serial number because it was made for a blazer, even if they are the same part. All those little facts can help you finish your project a whole lot quicker.

Meet like-minded people

OK, technically this won’t benefit your car restoration project, but its fun to share your passion with someone. Car clubs are excellent places to meet people and make new friends that can also help you achieve your restoration process too.

If you need to find craftsmen to help you restore your classic car, you can get in touch with a wide variety here. From welders to painters, we are happy to help you get in contact with skilled workers!