Windshield replacement cost

windshield replacement

Driving with a cracked or damaged windshield is dangerous and irresponsible. You could get a fine for driving with even the smallest crack. The fine can be as expensive as the windshield replacement itself depending on the state, so why risk it?.

You might need your car to work so you may “not have the time” to have it replaced. But a damaged windshield may lead you to a collision, which would take even more time and money to fix. Furthermore, if you crash with another car, even if you weren’t at fault, the opposing party may use the damaged windshield to make you liable for the damages.


On average, a windshield replacement service done by a professional shop will cost around $250 depending on the model, including labor. However, they can cost as little as $150 or as much as $400, always check with a few shops to compare prices if possible.

If you drive a luxury vehicle, like a Mercedes or a BMW, the windshield is usually equipped with an array of sensors that ordinary cars do not possess. These sensors can increase the price to more than a thousand dollars. Also, it inevitably causes stocks to be smaller. In those cases, you may have to order them and wait for the windshield to arrive to your shop.

How long does it usually take

Most shops that specialize in regular cars like Toyotas and Fords usually have popular models in stock. That makes the replacement process faster, but higher-end cars may have to be ordered beforehand.

Assuming your windshield is in stock, the replacement process should take about one hour for installation and one hour for the glue to set before you can drive off. So two hours of your time are not worth getting fined, risking a collision, and increasing your liability in case of an accident.

If you are looking for a windshield replacement service near you, you can get in contact with providers here. Be safe out there!