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How It Works

Become a Top Craftsman

Take control of your future. Work on your own terms and get paid your worth. Connect with your community.

Top Craft Market® is the easiest way to get connected with projects in the area requiring your specific skills and expertise.

Our Tiered System leverages your previous experience and client satisfaction to help you level up and consistently find the ideal jobs and projects in your area.

Hire a Top Craftsman

Have a job that needs to be done and done well? Need to find a quality craftsman? You've come to the right place.

Top Craft Market® is the easiest way to find skilled craftsmen in your area by browsing workers by trade or posting your specific job.

All of our candidates go through a background check and are rated in our Tiered System based on their experience and past projects. This system connects you with quality contractors and workers in the area.